Narcotics Anonymous Blue Goldstone Pendant - "Open-Mindedness"
Ferris Arts

Narcotics Anonymous Blue Goldstone Pendant - "Open-Mindedness"

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A genuine blue gold stone pendant with an NA charm dangle. The chain is silver plated ball chain that is 30 inches and can be cut to any desired length. The stone is approximately 1.25 inches in length.

"Blue goldstone has a beautify sparkle deep in the stone. Blue goldstone is about vision and seeing the whole picture, therefor it is a representation open-mindedness."

The pendant in the photo is a sample. Since each one is a cut stone, the actual piece may vary slightly in hue.

The NA logo is a trademark owned by Narcotics Anonymous. Recovery Bling is owned by Ferris Arts. Ferris Arts is a licensed NA vendor.

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