Spiritual Renewal Kit
Spiritual Renewal Kit
Spiritual Renewal Kit
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Spiritual Renewal Kit

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Start your year with a karmic boost with my Spiritual Renewal Kit. The Kit includes:
A sage bundle wrapped with Chakra Rose Petals, a Palo Santo stick, an Abalone Shell, a Selenite Wand, a velvet bag with crystals and stones, and a bonus Lemurian Seed Crystal.

Sage and Palo Santo are burned to clear your personal space from unwanted or negative energy.
Selenite crystal properties is “liquid light” because through clearing energy blockages,
Selenite allows for liquid-like energy fluidity. The Lemurian Seed Crystal is also great for dream work and dream interpretation, particularly revealing potentials and actuality of spiritual growth that occurs in dreams.

The Velvet Stones bag includes; Quartz Crystal for focus and clarity, Amethyst Crystal for spirituality, Rose Quartz for love and compassion, and Hematite for protection and courage

Each Kit is individually created and carefully shipped. It makes a great gift for yourself, or anyone in your spiritual orbit!

Handmade by Artist and Spiritualist; Aleen Ferris

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