Narcotics Anonymous "Branded" God Box
Narcotics Anonymous "Branded" God Box
Narcotics Anonymous "Branded" God Box
Ferris Arts

Narcotics Anonymous "Branded" God Box

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Custom made box branded with the Narcotics Anonymous symbol.

Made with linden wood, branded, custom stained and varnished per order. Some people call them "God Boxes".

The boxes are constructed in Poland using dense wood from Linden trees. This wood is much harder than pine and lends itself well to the creation of a high quality finished piece. Each one is personally branded by a hot branding iron, by Aleen Ferris.

The size of the boxes is 2” x 1.5”.

The box in the photo is a sample. Each box is unique due to the branding and the staining.

Handmade by Aleen Ferris

The NA logo is a trademark owned by Narcotics Anonymous.
Recovery Bling is owned by Ferris Arts. Ferris Arts is a licensed NA vendor.

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